Gee Williams


Salvage by Gee Williams

Winner of the Pure Gold Fiction Award 2008.
Short-listed for the James Tait Black Memorial Fiction Prize 2008

On the brink of scandal, five characters attempt to rescue what is most important to them. Through their interwoven narratives Salvage explores the dangers of concocting personal fictions. This compelling mystery begins on a desolate stretch of the Welsh coast when Elly Kent discovers a ring – with a finger still attached.

Ranging between Wales, the north of England and Goa, this is a novel about possession, betrayal - and how much we can afford to lose.

From an interview with Gee Williams by Chris High:

“In one sense I had the image at the heart of the book - the woman’s ring lying at the water’s edge, for… years. But I began to see the strange possibilities for the story very quickly once I sat down to write the opening scenes with Elly and Martin on the beach. If you’re writing about betrayal – a destructive act – the prize for it has got to be worth having.”   

Reviews of Salvage

“Williams’ writing is off-beat, subtle, haunting, fresh.”
Kate Long

“…her name is about to become very well-known…this is a novel that defies genre and crosses boundaries to extraordinary effect. Here is an author utterly in control of her material and manipulating it with outstanding dexterity. The apparent trajectory of the plot shifts and changes, the narrative voice switches from one character to another, in a mellifluous process that draws the reader, fascinated, ever deeper into plot and personality. Williams is clearly working with a wealth of material and ideas, yet there is nothing superfluous, nothing that is merely clever.”
Suzy Ceulan Hughes, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

“…increasingly suspenseful, subtle and complex…Williams seems to delight in destablishing her readers’ expectations.”
Katherine Woodfine Bookmunch

“…we are caught and hooked upon a multi-layered murder-mystery. There Williams feeds us little entrails to keep the haunting pages turning only to find, at each change of narrator, that we chose the wrong starter for the main course….Salvage is a gripping, unpredictable read that endears each of its colourful characters to us, flaws and all.”
Susie Wild Planet

“Williams supports the sudden shifts in perspective with some well-defined vernacular voices.”
The Observer

“The novel has the distinction of being both a page-turner and one you want to savour. …Salvage is the least predictable novel I’ve read in a long time.”
Sally Quilford The New Writer

“Power-sprayed with literary devices and ultimately effective with one overriding message: never trust anyone from Cheshire!”
Phil Rickman BBC Radio 

“Almost subliminally affective, Salvage crosses fictional boundaries: a page-turner.”
Glenda Beagan

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