Gee Williams

Magic and other Deceptions

Magic and Other Deceptions

About the collection

“...and Flintshire, where I was born and brought up, is a slice of Wales that hardly makes it into literature or even the news. In my lifetime it has been abolished completely and resurrected within different boundaries: 'a Brigadoon county - now you see it, now you don't.' The stories in Magic are set in a landscape that's emotionally slippery, always getting away from you... that mixture of rural/estuary/industry I knew as a child has slithered off still further from me now I'm a visitor.

...I'm left with one enduring image that sums up the locality and the stories: on the beautiful edge of the River Dee there was a little factory that made Christmas decorations. Known locally as The Glassworks it gave exciting seasonal employment to Saltney women ...but as a child I was banned from all of the river's marshy bank. I went anyway, with a friend. It was spring and a heap of reject baubles was dumped beside the silent sheds. The water in the main channel and sluices rose and retreated, the curlew and sandpipers called. All afternoon we searched the glittering treasure. Each piece we picked up was surely going to be perfect, the prize. But we went home empty-handed.”

Many of the stories in Magic and Other Deceptions were first broadcast by BBC Radio 4

Reviews of “Magic and Other Deceptions”

“Meaning to do no more than skim, I found myself still there an hour later, guzzling the stories one by one like sweets in childhood....a bravura exercise in style....every story beguiling.”
Stevie Davies New Welsh Review

“Gee Williams' characters seem to come to life on the page...she writes with a rare perception for detail, exploiting the senses to great effect. Highly recommended.”

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